Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Sonali Dujari, I am a user interface designer and developer and puzzle aficionado. I am a proud resident of SF Bay Area where I spend most of my free time

Designs and doodles

UI design and front-end development BetterHelp.com Circles

UI design and front-end development BetterHelp.com Redesign

UI design and front-end development Electric Vehicle Explorer

UI design and development Saas.HP.com Pattern Library

Mobile application concept Glass Half Full

Data visualization State of the World

UI design and development Nupur Folk Dance Academy

Visual & Interaction Design Saas.HP.com Pricing Pages

Branding Noodle Canoodle Branding

How I roll

Every designer has to shape and build their own process that works for them best. This is mine (remember, its constantly evolving just as I am). The unfortunate truth is that some of these steps get skipped sometimes when design isn't prioritized enough. As a designer, I feel its my job to find the time for each step and show others the importance of giving each one time and attention.


Project scope

What's the feature? What's the expected functionality? Who are the users? What are the user's roles? This is just the start of an endless stream of questions that will continue in step 2.


Project goals

Step 1 asked "What?", now step 2 asks "Why?". The important part here is finding out both the user goals and the business goals. In a perfect world these would always be the same but this is where I have to stop and make sure that I find the right balance between the two.



Why does the user need this feature? What does the user get out of this? How did they get here in the first place? The questions never end. The brainstorming portion is arguably my favorite part of the design process. It's where everything goes and any ideas are good ones. I often find brainstorming goes better with one or two other people so I love to bring my peers (designers or not) into a brainstorming session with me.


First mockups

Time to get to work! First mockups often change depending on the timeline of the project. For a longer more in-depth project this usually means wireframes. For a simpler project or one that's more crunched for time, this probably means a more high-fidelity mockup. Often times this means multiple ideas to choose from and compare.



No design is complete without proper feedback from anyone who has some to give! Once again this is where its important to balance out the business goals vs the user goals and take all thoughts with a grain of salt.



Once I've gotten all my feedback, its time to finess my design. This is usually where a working prototype comes in to help define interactions and be sure that it actually looks good in execution!



After some iterations from feedback its time for a final design and implementation! In many situations for me, I'm the developer on my own designs which means I can be as picky as I want! Other times, I do my best to work with developers and ensure things work perfectly.



Did you think we were done?! I hope not! A new design or feature cannot go forgetten as soon as its released. This is the time to start getting as much real user-feedback as possible and improve.

The inside scoop

I am a fun loving and adventurous person, and I love trying new things! Except roller coasters. (Disclaimer: this does not inhibit by ability to enjoy theme parks. I love Disneyland. Let's go to Disneyland.)

I currently reside in sometimes sunny San Francisco, California. Overtime I have developed a passion for health technology, education and energy. I hope to further my career someday in one of these three fields. In 2013 I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelors of Arts in Design and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.