CirclesVisual/Interaction Design and Front-End Development

Circles - "Circles" is our P2P service that allows users to communicate directly with each other. We started with an MVP and later changed our product to better fit what we felt users needed. This is a mock of my design where I (along with some team members) proposed a new structure to the service. Circles Welcome Page - This is the "welcome" page to our new circles service that prompts users to create a profile and choose which "circle" they wish to be placed in. It also attempts to explain the product to users before they are dropped in.

Project Goal

Create a brand new peer-to-peer platform for BetterHelp users to communicate with each other.


HTML5, CSS3/SASS, JQuery/JS, PHP/Twig, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Project Overview

This project required me to act as both the designer and the product manager. I set out the goals for the project and decided what features we should and shouldn't implement.


I worked as the sole designer on the project. I worked with a back-end developer and then took over the project and handled all front-end work myself.