State of the World in 2011

This visualization represents facts from 196 countries during 2011.


Use the menu on the left to view these instructions, switch to country view, or select a data point you would like to view for all countries.

Chart view

In chart view, you can see any data point plotted against a chart. Countries are categorized based on regions, and regions have been placed, starting with least developed on the left and ending with most developed on the right. The yellow line across each chart shows the average. Countries can also be highlighted so they are easy to find on any chart.

Map view

Chart view uses a color coded scale to show data in map form. Grey countries don't have any information on that specific data point.

Country view

Interested in a specific country? Click on it in chart or map view to view all data points available for that country and a brief description.

Data courtesy of UNICEF and the CIA World Factbook, and visualized by Sonali Dujari.
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