State of the WorldData visualization

Introduction - The project opens to a welcome page with instructions on the various views and how to use the tool. Chart View - Data can be viewed in a chart. Countries are color coded by region and regions are placed from left to right in order of development. Doing this brings out patterns in each chart. Map View - Users can switch between chart and map view, and explore the same data geographically. Country View - If a user selects any country in either chart or map view, they will be taken to a detailed page on that country. This page gives a description of the country (courtesy of the CIA World Factbook) and shows all data available for that country. Highlighting - In chart view, users can "highlight" countries so that as they switch between charts, the countries chosen are easier to find. Live Version

Project Goal

Visualize social and demographic data from UNICEF regarding 196 different countries.


HTML/CSS, JavaScript and most importantly D3.


The visualization allows users to select different categories and choose datasets from each.